SAK STORM Compression Tights

SAK STORM Compression Tights boosts muscle performance and prevents muscle injury. Designed to prepare your legs' muscles for top performance by effectively increasing the level of oxygen that reaches your leg muscles cells, it's intelligent thermoregulation and optimal ventilation and moisture control.

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  • Boosts muscle performance:

    Maximum available power and muscle growth through increased muscle oxygenation, boosting your levels of stamina and endurance.

    Muscle injury prevention

    Reduced muscle vibration to prevent injuries and ensure a quick recovery thanks to less muscle soreness and fatigue due to high compression technology.

    Intelligent thermoregulation

    More energy for you to use in explosive movements by saving efforts due to body temperature and vibration regulation.

    Optimal ventilation and moisture control

    Excellent breathability achieved through engineered mesh panels over high sweat areas that keep you dry and comfortable.