SAK Morph Custom Graphics

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Your football shin guards with an unique design, developed just for you.

Key Benefits :
  • Customizable with pictures, colors, and your ID to inspire you during your game
  • Superior Protection and military material
  • Unparalleled comfort

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    • Morph Custom Graphics Football Shin guards are truly unique and are made exclusively to each one of our customers. In this model you can fully customize your shin guards’ design by sending us pictures and other design requests for your custom shin guards. Our designers will use your suggestions to create your personalized graphics and are only sent upon customer’s approval - we will take into account your feedback to edit the design to the point you are fully satisfied. Only then we will manufacture your new and exclusive SAK shin guards.

      Morph CG Shin guards combine Optimal fit technology with unique materials to ensure maximum protection and the highest level of comfort. Developed from Artificial Intelligence algorithms run through an anatomic database of digital 3D legs captured from a vast array of players, SAK Morph CG shin guards are optimized for different types of legs (thin, regular and wide) ensuring that impacts dissipate across a broader area of the leg, thus reducing the risk of serious injuries.

      Shin guards are sold together with leg compression sleeves ffor extra stability during the match.