SAK MORPH K20 - Limited Edition

Dominate the game with SAK Morph K20 shin guards. Developed to celebrate the new decade, it combines optimal fit technology with unique materials to ensure maximum protection and the highest level of comfort. Includes SAK Compressor calf sleeves to keep the shin guards in place.

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  • • European EN 13061 standard certification, with impact testing and skin compatibility testing.

    • Exterior protection layer in latest generation polymer materials used in the aerospace and military industries;

    • Cutting-edge materials combined with NTM.Fit (Near-Tailor-Made fit), ensure a uniform distribution of energy, reducing the risk of serious injuries;

    • Optimal fit that will feel as if you are not even using shin guards;

    • High quality foam with activated carbon particles that eliminate skin irritating bacteria;

    • Moisture wicking that prevents the usual bad odor of standard shin guards;

    • Anti-slipping foam, that in combination with the included compression calf sleeves, keeps the shin guards in place even under fast movements;

    • Includes SAK Compressor calf sleeves.

    • Must be cleaned only with a damp cloth and left to dry on air after being used.