SAK Athena (Women)

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Developed from Artificial Intelligence algorithms run through an anatomic database of digital 3D legs captured from a vast array of female players, SAK Athena shin guards are the first and only football shin guards developed for the female anatomy. Optimized for different types of legs (thin and regular), it ensures impacts dissipate across a broader area of the leg, thus reducing the risk of serious injuries. Its foam has superior breathability and anti-slipping properties. Comes with SAK Compressor calf sleeves to keep the shin guards in place.

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  • Size (S, M, L or XL):

    • S: 14cm long.

    • M: 16cm long.

    • L: 18cm long.

    Leg shape:

    • Thin: Recommended for legs with calf perimeters with 31cm or lower (12 in).

    • Regular: Recommended for legs with calf perimeters above than 31cm (12 ½ in).

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