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SAK Athena ID

Size Guide

Athena ID shin guards are customizable with name and number.
Get the superior quality of your Women Athena Shin guards with your ID.

Key Benefits :
  • Available in 2 female leg profiles and 3 length sizes.
  • Superior protection military material
  • Customized name and number

120cm - 140cm
3' 11" - 4' 6"
141cm - 160cm
4' 7" - 5 2"
161cm - 180cm
5' 3" - 5 10"
< 34cm
> 34cm <40cm

  • Our Athena Women Shin guards were designed for female athletes and combine Optimal fit technology with unique materials to ensure maximum protection and the highest level of comfort.

    SAK Athena ID shin guards are available in 3 length sizes and 2 leg shapes.

    • Athena ID shin guards are customizable in Name and Number;

    • Optimal fit shapes for Thin and Regular legs, designed for Female Athletes;

    • Materials for a better protection and increased comfort;

    • Includes SAK Compressor calf sleeve.

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