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SAK Morph Custom Graphics Bundle - Men

Size Guide

Your shin guards with your unique design, developed just for you.

Key Benefits :
  • Customizable with pictures, colors, and your ID to inspire you during your game
  • Superior protection thanks to our unique materials used widely in the military industry
  • 4 sizes with 3 available leg shape.
  • Comes with Recovery Socks, Football Socks, Compression Socks a Drawing Bag and a Sports Water Bottle.

120cm - 140cm
3' 11" - 4' 6"
141cm - 160cm
4' 7" - 5 2"
161cm - 180cm
5' 3" - 5 10"
181cm - 200cm
5' 11" - 6 7"
< 34cm
> 34cm <40cm
> 41cm

  • For Everlasting Performance every detail counts. Before, during and after each match. In this complete Custom Graphics bundle you will find the latest SAK shin guards protection technology with customizable layout, Football socks, Compression calf sleeves, a bottle of water, recovery socks and a drawing bag in a unique offer that will get you efficient protection and comfort in a complete bundle.

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