Club Service

Club Service is a partnership between SAK and your sports organization, in which you provide your athletes a high-quality product in terms of impact resistance and comfort alongside a fully customized design. The Club Service is our offer for clubs, academies, private schools, associations, federations and all sports organizations that wish to provide their athletes a high level of protection with maximum comfort.

A partnership with SAK represents an injury prevention approach aligned with a revolutionary solution to athletes’ discomfort when using ordinary shin guards. The use of polymeric materials from military and aeronautic industries and antibacterial foams are some of the key elements that contribute to SAK products high quality and their uniqueness in terms of impact protection and comfort.

“SAK’s shin guards are perfectly aligned with our preventive approach to injuries. The materials used by SAK are innovative, light, more resistant than others and fit better on players’ legs, giving them better protection to impacts”

Dr. Nelson Puga, FC Porto Medical Staff

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