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Compression clothes are now must have items for athletes – both professional and amateur. It’s common nowadays to see top athletes and Instagram influencers posting photos wearing that type of gear - but do you know why athletes wear compression clothes? Here we tell you what compression clothes does, how they help athletes, who can wear it and why you should consider start gearing you up with compression clothes for your exercises.


What are compression clothes?

Compression clothes is a sports apparel range designed to help improve athletic performance and reduce recovery time. There are different items such as tank tops, long sleeve, tights and shorts.


How compression clothes works?

The main thing about Compression apparel is that it increases muscle oxygenation while reducing muscle vibration. By offering a better muscle oxygenation it boosts stamina and performance levels while by stabilizing muscles it offers better muscle alignment and help avoid fatigue feeling and injuries.

Some products such as SAK STORM have also thermoregulation capacity - a innovative technology that ensures the athlete’s body is kept always at the same temperature – doesn’t matter the weather condition - and as such avoids energy waste in keeping you warm or cool, depending on the weather.


Why athletes wear compression clothes?

Knowing how compression clothes helps makes it easier to understand why athletes wears it. Athletes are pressured to perform always better – both by themselves and by their clubs – so they look for the best alternatives there are. With compression clothes they have important allies on performing better: improved muscle performance, faster recovery time, lower muscle fatigue feeling and injuries.


Who can wear compression clothes?

Compression garments are not only for athletes. Anyone who exercises and is wishing to improve their performance and reducing his/hers recovery time after training can wear compression clothes and benefit from it.


When to wear compression clothes?

Compression clothes are recommended for exercises in basically all kind of sports such as football, running, volleyball, basketball and others. You could choose from long sleeve or tank top, tights or shorts depending on the weather.


Do compressionclothes help you lose weight?

This is a myth regarding compression clothes. It’s attributes and benefits are not directly related to weight losing.

The impact compression clothes might have for losing weight is only an indirect one: by improving athletic performance it can motivate one to exercise more – and as we know, exercise more is an important tool for losing weight.


Where to buy compression clothes?

SAK STORM – our compression clothes range – is sold online on our website and on sports retailers across Europe.


What specialists says

Futbol Emotion recently published a review about SAK STORM affirming it’s the best compression clothes they have seen and tested.


Meet SAK Storm

SAK STORM is SAK’s compression clothes range. With superior material and technology, STORM offers even more benefits to athletes. 

SAK STORM range includes tank top, long sleeves, tights and shorts.


Benefits of SAK STORM compression apparel

Compression: faster muscle recovery thanks to the reduction of muscle fatigue and soreness.

Thermoregulation: innovative technology that ensures your body is kept always at the same temperature and as such avoids energy waste in keeping you warm or cool. 

Comfort: designed for a perfect fit, seamless knit for maximum comfort.

Moisture control: wicks the sweat away preventing skin irritation.

Shock absorption: our STORM products reduce muscle vibration by more than 30% avoiding fatigue and muscle injuries.

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