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Shin guards are mandatory in football. In a sport where 22 players share a field and battle for one and only ball, it’s natural to have a lot of contact. And it does. That’s why, being properly protected is so important.


Shin guards were worn in the early years of football but only moved from important to mandatory in 1990 when FIFA defined it as a required equipment for footballers on official matches. The FIFA Equipment Regulation book says the “basic compulsory Equipment of a Player comprises the following separate Equipment items: a) a jersey or shirt with sleeves; b) shorts; c) socks (stockings); d) shinguards; and e) footwear.”


Neymar, Pogba, Giroud… What shin guards do pros wear?


FIFA also states players of the same team may wear shin guards of different Manufacturers and of different visual appearance at their own discretion. So while deciding to wear or not to wear shin guards is not an option for footballers, choosing the shin guard is. As there a lot of options to choose, we recommend the best.


Why are shin guards even more important in youth football?

Notably on younger ages, playing football is all about having fun. The technical and tactical development plays a small part of it and having fun is the first rule. Fun fuel kids passion for the game and is that passion the one responsible for creating a huge football fan base across the world – and also for developing talents that further on will become worldwide stars.


But as a sport of contact, if not adequately protected, a kid might get hurt while playing. And besides it is something that might happen, it is definitely something that can be avoided - that’s where shin guards takes place. No kid will fuel it's passion for the game if he or she continuously gets hurt while playing. That protection a shin guard provides might be a decisive factor for keeping a child happy and excited in playing even after a stronger contact or tackle.


Another reason why shin guards are so important in football is confidence. Feeling protected boosts a footballer confidence in going for or through a tackle. The protection feeling is crucial for generating the trust to keep moving forward and play hard. Confidence is key in any sport and it’s not different in football. It can be a difference maker in pushing a player for the next level. That’s why footballers should gear with the best possible equipment – and shin guards are vital for them.


How do shin guards work?

Shin guards are placed on players legs in order to protect them in that high-targeted body region – at least in football. It will absorb the contact by dissipating it across itself and reducing or excluding the consequences to the footballer leg.


Recognised as the top shin guard developer in the market, SAK has years of Research & Development, with a lot of components testing to find the ideal materials for producing shin guards with maximum protection levels while also keeping it lightweight and comfortable for football players to wear.


Want to know how shin guards should fit? Read this to find out


Both professional and amateur footballers can benefit from the football shin guard industry evolution. The new materials, products and techniques provides casual, amateur and professional athletes different options for being comfortably protected during a football match. It’s a matter of research to find the best shin guard and the best accessories for you. Our advice is to do it like the pros and gear with the best products in the market. Or in other words: to choose SAK.


Neymar, Pogba, Giroud… What shin guards do pros wear?


Less injuries, more fun. Kids must be protected so they can fully enjoy football - it's way more fun when one can run up and down the pitch with his or hers friends without getting hurt here and there. And if by any case your son or daughter is the new Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar or Marta, it won’t be a hard tackle or a injury that will avoid him or her going up the ranks.


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