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Here at SAK we usually say that most shin guards are made from traditional plastics and foam, but SAK shin guards are made from science, engineering and innovation. The difference starts from that. 

While most other football shin guard brands – some of them much more focused on other equipment than shin guards – struggle to come up with a product that actually protects footballers legs, SAK do have an amazingly protective product and goes even beyond: besides an incredible protection level, SAK shin guards have optimal fit, are way more comfortable than others and bring some inspiration to the table as it layout can be fully customised. Here comes a few lines about it:



Safety always comes first and from that is where we start. SAK shin guards are made with military-grade materials that are both indestructible and lightweight. This is the most-desired combination one can wish for in football protection as it protects footballers legs in a maximum level while being lightweight enough so it doesn’t play against the footballer performance.



Being lightweight plays an important part on being comfortable, but SAK shin guards have so much engineering on its development that other factors also play a huge role. One of them is the fit.

SAK has an extensive database of 3D leg models from professional and amateur footballers. Combined they provide a unique view into the diversity of human legs anatomy. By applying Artificial Intelligence algorithms to this dataset SAK obtained the 3 leg profiles that more closely represent that diversity. Because of that, besides the traditional size chart (XS, S, M, L, XL), SAK has an additional size chart of leg profiles – thin leg, regular leg and wide leg -, so footballers can actually have optimal fit shin guards not only based on their height but also based on their leg shape. With that, SAK shin guards offer both more comfort and protection – while the shin guards fits incredibly good, it protects even more by better dissipating received impact across all the shin guard area. 

But wait, there’s more: inner foam is also a difference maker in the comfort topic. That’s why SAK uses breathable foam with activated carbon to keep its shin guards fresh and bacteria-free.



So we already knew our shin guards provides more safety and comfort. What else could we come up to be even better? Well, why not make it possible for footballers to have customised shin guards? That’s what we did.

SAK shin guards layouts can be fully customised. Family photos, own photos, motivational quotes, a favorite cartoon, an inspiring design… footballers can have anything they want on their shin guard so next time they are on the pitch they bring it all with them. 

Dreamy right? It’s all true.

We recommend you to do like the pros and gear up with SAK shin guards. Safety, Comfort and Inspiration waits for you on the pitch. Enjoy!


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