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May 10, 2019 3 min read

A lot of people ask: which football shin guards are the best? That’s actually one of the most searched topics related to football shin guards on Google. As we answered in this post, the best are the ones the top footballers wears - and as the 2018 World Cup winners do, pros wear SAK.


Playing every match in front of worldwide audiences eager for their next move, professional footballers are always pressured to perform. As there isn’t much space to failure they gear themselves with the best possible options. When it comes to shin guards, they opt for the one who makes them comfortably protected on the pitch. They go for SAK.




World Cup winners protected by SAK

You might not know, but SAK played a part in the amazing French National Team campaign that culminated in the 2018 World Cup title. Before the most important tournament in the planet, the French Football Federation decided to gear all of its players with SAK shin guards. It was an easy decision: the best shin guards for our best footballers against the toughest opposition in the planet.



French star Paul Pogba with his customised shin guards with the World Cup trophy in Russia 2018


Besides comfortably protecting the French players, SAK provided one more important thing for them during the World Cup: inspiration. Besides it’s perfect fit, lightweight and comfortable materials, SAK football shin guards layouts can be fully customised. Be it a cartoon, a family image or motivational quotes, pros like to have a custom designed shin guards that inspires them on the pitch. And that’s exactly what happened to the France National Team in Russia.




New Bayer Munich signing: Inspired by his parents, protected by SAK

Recently signed by European giants Bayern Munich, Vfb Stuttgart and World Cup winner defender Benjamin Pavard recently got a new pair of customised shin guards. As highlighted by German biggest newspaper Bild, “Stuttgart's world champion Benjamin Pavard (23) is now protected by his parents at every match”.

Pavard’s new customised shin guards now features his mom and dad as well as his image kissing the World Cup trophy right after the final whistle of the final against Croatia. That’s exacly what SAK preconizes: to comfort protect footballers as well inspiring then when they go to the pitch. Author of The Goal of the Tournament, we are sure the brilliant Pavard was quite inspired in the competition.




SAK has a football shin guard for everyone. With a full range for men, women and kids, SAK develops different types of shin guards in different price ranges so you can try out and wear the same shin guard brand as the pros.

SAK Shape is our entry level shin guard. Developed for the casual footballer who wants to give it a try to the best shin guard brand in the market. It’s available in four sizes (XS, S, M and L).

SAK Morph is a level up. With lighter, even more comfortable and protective material, it can be customised with name and numberor with a fully new layout – chosen by the buyer. Besides four sizes (XS, S, M and L) it has 3 different leg shapes footballers can choose for a better fit (Thin Regular and Large).

SAK Athena is the one and only shin guard developed for women footballers. 100% designed following the female anatomy, it can be partially or fully customised such as SAK Morph. It’s also available in four sizes (XS, S, M and L) and has 2 different leg shapes footballers can choose for a better fit (Thin and Regular and L).

SAK PRO is a tailor-made shin guard. Being made specifically for the client leg shape, it offers enhanced fit and unmatched comfort. SAK PRO are made in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) and it's design can be fully customised.

SAK Elite is our top and tailor-made football shin guard. it’s 100% build for your leg profile. To order a SAK Pro, footballers get up on our exclusive 3D Scan for mapping his leg shape and build a perfect fitted football shin guard. SAK Pro have also customisable layout for a unique and inspiring final result. This is how it works: 

Meet our men's football shin guards range.

Meet our women's football shin guard range.

Meet our kids football shin guards range.


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