RUSSIA 2018 WORLD CUP – An Ode to Competitive Balance

August 06, 2018 5 min read

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An Ode to Competitive Balance

The Russia 2018 World Cup was one of the most exciting WC tournaments ever. Its level of competitive balance was outstanding resulting in an unforgettable competition. The fan engagement during the WC was unbelievable and created remarkable images, such as Senegal and Japan’s fans cleaning the stadium after their teams’ matches.


Once again, it has been proven that the key to win this type of competition is to put every individual talent serving the team’s interest above all others. France presented the most talented group of players and with remarkable teamwork they have shown the world of football how good they can be as a team,  and even overtake some lack of experience.

It all must start at some point and so do I, so I will go chronologically in my analysis of the unfolding history of this Russia 2018 WC.

Group Stage

The early phase of the competition started with the big majority of the title contenders struggling to win their matches or even not being able to do it, such as Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina and England. This was a clear indicator of the possibility - not so unreal - of having some big sharks going home at this stage. Besides France, Belgium, England and Brazil, all the others traditional big teams had to give their best to make it through until the last sixteen... and some were actually not able to, such as Germany, who shocked the world with an early return to their country, due to a clear lack of commitment and energy in defending their world champions’ title.

On the other hand, Japan and Sweden were the two greatest surprises in the group stage with great performances: the Asians technically and the Nordics tactically, both being classified as one of the best sixteen teams in the tournament.

Round of 16

  The first major combat in this stage came        with France defeating Argentina, in a match    where the score was clearly more balanced    than it should have been, and where a            brand-new star came to the world proving      that football could soon have a new hero,        his  name Kylian Mbappé. Cristiano                Ronaldo’s and its people were also surprised by a solid and very clinic Uruguay, which had an inspired Edinson Cavani scoring twice and sending the European champions back home.

The home team provided us another big moment in this competition eliminating the Spanish boys in the penalty-shootout. Spain’s efforts have to be recognized, however, given that they had their head coach dismissed just two days before the competition’s start causing a lot of instability to the team.

Croatia also needed the penalty-shootout to overtake a solid Denmark in a match with a very intense start which ended to be one of the most closed ones in this stage, with their goalkeeper Subasic having a tremendous performance with three penalties saved.

Brazil easily won their match against the Mexicans, who were only able to truly compete with the canarinha in the first thirty minutes. The Brazilians dominated the remaining time and scored two goals that classified them.

Belgium had a breath-taking match against Japan and won in the last ball of the game, after being down for two goals. A match that will be remembered for decades as one of the most emotive in the history of the competition.

Sweden’s tactical strength and teamwork led them to the quarter-finals after a great victory against Switzerland, who never seemed to be good enough to create problems in the Nordic’s defensive line.

Colombia scored a stoppage time equaliser against England, which took the winner decision to extra time and after that to penalty-shootout. Finally, history was made, and England was able to win penalty-shootout decision and make part of the best eight teams in the competition for the first time in twelve years.



subasic SAK shin guardsUruguay accused too much Cavani’s injury and France took advantage: les bleus won the match for a comfortable two goals margin proving once again  how solid and strong they were looking in this tournament.

Belgium faced Brazil in the quarter-finals duel which created

the greatest expectations among the football community. The red devils made some very important tactical changes for this match which led them to a surprising two goals advantage at half-time. Despite Brazil’s good reaction in the second half, the game always seemed to be under control for Roberto Martinez’s men who went to the semi-finals with more comfort than expected.

England had their greatest performance in the competition up to that moment, defeating a very defensive Sweden who struggled to create problems to Her Majesty’s defensive wall. The English aerial power and Jesse Lingard creativity between lines put the Nordics under great trouble and secured a two-nil score for the British.

 The most emotive match in the quarter-finals was played between Russia and Croatia, with Luka Modric and his troops winning once again in the penalty-shootout. The home team stroke first with an amazing long shot from Cheryshev surprising Subasic, but Croatia equalised it before half-time. The second half was softer and as foreseen it all went to extra time, when Vida’s goal put the Croatians in the lead for four minutes only before Mario Fernandes’s header gave the home fans the possibility to decide it all in the penalty-shootout. Once again, Croatia showed their great ability to score and stop penalties and made it through the semi- finals after twenty years.



subasic celebrting Sak PRO  Croatia faced England in a match          where the three lions started winning    with an early free-kick from Trippier in    the fifth minute. Nevertheless Croatia    didn’t seem to be affected with the        goal and created several chances to      equalise until Ivan Perisic’s goal right    in the middle of the second                    half.Semi-   finals

  After that, once again, Croatia                dominated the match but continued      to   miss opportunities to score. Extra    time came and the trend remained        the   same until Mario Mandzukic scored the winning goal in the second half of extra time, giving the Croatians their first final ever in a major tournament.

The other semi final put France against their neighbours, Belgium, a very expected battle between two great teams. As expected, the match was very intense in the tactic field and at the individual duels level. The difference was made in set pieces with Samuel Umtiti scoring a winning goal after a great deliver from Antoine Griezmann. The red devils tried hard until the end to score an equalising goal, but the French wall seemed to be unbreakable, as it we got used to see during the entire tournament.



The World Cup Final is the most expected football match every four years and it is the highest point of any career in football. All the world stops to watch ninety minutes of the best within the best, the Holy Grail of football.

We hope you enjoyed our Russia '18 overview!


Article by Guest Writer:
Diogo Ambrioso

Footballaholic at SAK

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