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February 19, 2019

Be it at the professional or amateur level, athletes are always thinking about the next match. And they’re right. When one match ends the preparation for the next one begins – both mental and physical. And one shouldn’t forget about training sessions, as any intense activity demands a good recovery.


Take good care of your legs muscles

A good strategy is to reduce the lactic acid build up on muscles after intense exercises. It relieves stiffness and soreness, stabilizes and protects muscles and tendons. Recovery socksare recommended for this and SAK has certified products that provide the ideal compression level and recovery for each leg profile.


How to use recovery socks

SAK Recovery Socks should be worn for 4 to 5 hours immediately after intense exercises – like training sessions and matches. Made by top quality materials for increased comfort, they’re breathable and have graduated compression that cuts recovery time by promoting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to muscles.

So next time the whistle is blown by the referee in a tough match or by the coaching staff after a training session, remember its time to start getting ready for the next one. Take good care of your leg muscles, avoid aching legs and start right away your recovery.

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SAK Compression Range

Besides Recovery Socks, SAK has a wide range of compression clothes for your exercises – Tank Top, Long Sleeve, Shorts and Tights. They differ from Recovery Socks because are made to be used during activities, such as playing football, running or practicing other sports. While SAK Recovery SOCKS works on recovering your leg muscles and preparing you for your next activity, SAK Compression Range works on boosting your muscle performance during the activity, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue and preventing injuries by reducing muscle vibration. With its Intelligent thermoregulation it also saves you energy by regulating your body temperature. Developed with high technological material, it has optimal ventilation and moisture control, keeping your body dry and comfortable.

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