Our unforgettable Christmas gift

December 21, 2018 2 min read

Our unforgettable Christmas gift

December 6th, 2018. It was a cold Thursday night in Lisbon, as the winter was getting closer. For us, at SAK, it was a very special night. One could imagine it would be one with top players wearing our shin guards on one of the most prestigious European competitions or venues – as happily it usually happens. Or even, as last summer, having our product next to the World Cup won by the French, and viewed by millions of people either on the field or at home. It wasn’t the case this time - but it was even more special.


We were in the Lisbon neighborhood of Alcântara - once one of the most populous areas in the charming Portuguese capital.

We were specifically at Estádio da Tapadinha, home of the historic Atlético Clube de Portugal. Once ranked 15th in the all-time Portuguese football ranking by the national association, the club is nowadays fighting in amateur divisions on its way back to the top leagues.


At the stadium, that by the way, has one of the most amazing views a football field might have – with the April 25th Bridge and the beautiful Tegus River just a few meters away – we had with us special gifts for the club’s Under 10’s, who were practicing without knowing anything about what we had prepared to them.


It all started a week before. At that same place, after agreeing it with the club’s directors, we talked to the kids’ parents and explained them our plan: we would need their help in order to prepare customized shin guards to all of the 17 youngsters of that age group. It wouldn’t cost than a penny, as it was a Christmas gift from SAK, and they would be crucial in providing us with information regarding their son’s preferences, such as photos, colors or anything else they like and would fit nice in their new customized SAK’s shin guards. And they did it! They   sent us everything we needed   and our designers worked   fantastically in creating   amazing and unique artworks   for each kid. And then, by that   Thursday night, we were   ready  to surprise each kid   with   our gift. To make it even   more unforgettable to these   17 young athletes, we asked     Atletico’s first team players to be the ones to deliver the gifts. The parents were there and the kids, of course, were really excited. One by one, they got their new customized shin guards, took pictures with the first team players and just couldn’t stop thanking both SAK and their parents for the surprise gifts they got.


It was unforgettable for us, too. You know, as our brand keeps growing and we see top level players choosing our shin guards and products over some of the biggest sports brands, it would be easy to forget about the real football world out there. But we don’t.


We want to protect and inspire athletes all over the world in their quest to overperform. Be it on Champions League matches, Sunday league displays or within an Under 10’s football team, we’ll be there to inspire and help them to perform better.


SAK. For Everlasting Performance.

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