February 11, 2019 2 min read


As FC Porto prepares itself for a major clash against Italian giant AS Roma in the Champions League Round of 16, here are five things to know about their players’ not so secret weapon: SAK customized shin guards, the ultimate Inspiration tool!


  1. They are the most comfortable shin guards a football player can wear

Seems too much? But it’s true! As FC Porto players went through our 3D Leg Scanner early in the season, we developed customized and tailor made shin guards for each one of them. Lightweight and flexible, each item was developed following each player’s leg shape, bringing comfort and a perfect fit, like no other shin guards do. Add to that its superior cushioning, activated carbon, antibacterial foam and voilá: comfort at its highest level!


  1. The protection players need and team doctors want

No one likes to be sidelined because of injuries. Produced with military grade polymers, SAK shin guards offer the top level protection every player needs and that all team doctors want. For FC Porto’s Team Doctor Nelson Puga, “In a lot of cases, if we didn’t have the protection SAK shin guards give us, the damages would be way bigger, with a higher impact on players health and eventually more serious injuries”.


  1. Shin guards that look incredibly good

Everybody likes to look good. And football players are no exception, as some great haircuts and dressing styles show. Having  great looking shin guards is a plus and SAK graphic customization and design offer that, alongside a great source of inspiration for players. For FC Porto, we prepared customized graphics honoring the club’s colors and style, complemented with a picture of the respective player and some personal preferences.


  1. It feels like you’re not wearing shin guards

To add to all comfort features we talked about, there’s even more: FC Porto shin guards come with our unique Compressor Calf Sleeves. Developed with high quality materials, they offer graduated compression adjusted to the player’s leg profile (thin, regular or wide) and ensure the shin guards stay in place during matches and reduce the fatigue feeling. It’s so Top Class that players even forget they’re wearing something besides their socks!


  1. You can have a similar one!

For the ones looking for the highest customization levels just like FC Porto players, here’s the good news: you can have your legs scanned at one of our partner stores in Europe (see how it works) too and we will prepare amazing graphics following your guidelines that will make your SAK shin guards unique and truly special.


And that’s not all. Besides providing customized and leg scanned shin guards to FC Porto first team, B team and Under 19 team, SAK has a licensing deal with the Portuguese champions. That means fans can buy FC Porto themed shin guards on some of the biggest sporting goods stores in Portugal, on FC Porto Official Stores and also on SAK webstore.

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