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January 11, 2018 3 min read

Harry Kane - Boxing Day GoalThe Boxing Day is the day after the Christmas Day and it’s probably one of the most traditional fixtures in the British calendar.

Mainly recognized until the early 2000s as the fox hunting day, when all the lovers of this activity travelled to the countryside, it has suffered some changes over the last couple of decades.

The prohibition of fox hunting activities in 2004 led to a growing importance of other activities, such as Football, Horse Racing, Charity events, or even shopping for those who are not sports lovers.

In this article we write about Sports, and to be honest we do it about the one that we all love the most, Football.
Today we will try to avoid passion while writing about one of the most passionate days in the Football calendar, the English Football Boxing Day.

According to some people’s romantic beliefs, including the English Football Association, the tradition of Boxing Day football matches started with a friendly match between English and German soldiers during World War I, in Belgium.

Later, the economic impact and TV revenues associated to this part of the football season seemed to have had a greater relevance in the decision of maintaining the matches scheduled despite all football agents’ pressure to the opposite.

Boxing Day - War Football Match The magic around Football on Boxing Day is huge, but not only off the field. This fixture produced some beautiful moments of football, from late wins to epic comebacks, from great goals to halftime team talks on the field, that could perfectly be written as fairy tales.

Goals are certainly some of the most remembered moments, and some of the ones scored on Boxing Day were tremendous. In 2003, John Arne Riise hit the top corner with a long distance shot against West Brom. Five years later, Abou Diaby surprised the Aston Villa team with a 70m run to score, probably, his career most beautiful goal. Wayne Rooney, mister goal in the EPL history, also left his mark on this day with a half-volley against Hull City in 2013.Cuco Martina - Boxing Day GoalCuco Martina, clearly not a regular scorer, found himself the inspiration to provide all football fans a great moment with an amazing three fingers’ shot from out of the box against Arsenal in 2015. One year after that, Mkhitaryan on his EPL’s debut season pleased all football fans with one of the most beautiful goals of the year, a scorpion kick against Sunderland.

For many Football fans and experts, the most remarkable moment of Football on Boxing Day was Phil Brown’s, at the time Hull City’s manager, speech to his players at half-time on the pitch in front of Man City’s fans, during their defeat against them in 2008.

Last but not the least, the 2017 English Premier League Boxing Day was, as always, remarkable. This year the showman and leading role winner were clearly Sir Harry Kane, for turning possible what many of us felt impossible.

Overtaking Lionel Messi as top goalscorer worldwide during the 2017 year is tremendous, but achieving it with a hattrick against Southampton it’s simply outstanding.

Harry Kane Boxing Day GoalThe other matches gave us some interesting shows, such as the six goals on Bournemouth’s draw at home against West Ham, the Man Utd’s Fergie Time equaliser against Burnley at Old Trafford, the Watford’s narrow win against Leicester after a few weeks marked by the points lost with opponents’ late goals, the Chelsea’s fine performance that led to a comfortable victory for goals against Brighton and the Liverpool’s five goals show against a weakened Swansea, which was still looking for a manager that could operate what the experts call the miracle of avoiding relegation this season.

In short, it’s fair to state that this was another typical Boxing Day in the EPL, with plenty of drama, uncertainty, surprises, great actors (players), and specially with the stadiums full of families that celebrate this fixture supporting their teams and turning this sport into an even more beautiful one..

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Diogo Ambrioso

Footballaholic at SAK

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