Another night to the Olympus of Football

April 23, 2018 2 min read

cr7 goal This could perfectly be another ordinary description of an outstanding performance of one of the greatest football players the world has ever seen, and there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but what happened on April 3rd must be reported as one of the most beautiful moments in UEFA Champions League’s history.

Real Madrid CF should have had a difficult away match against Juventus on the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter finals, or at least that was the common feeling among most of the football fans.

Frankly, the Italian Serie A’s six-time consecutive winners didn’t have the greatest start: Cristiano Ronaldo broke the Juve’s defensive wall in the third minute after a good footwork from Isco on the left and scored the goal that set the basis for a solid performance from los blancos… but their opponent resisted and the second goal did not come until half-time.

UEFA Champions League has always been able to show us the best of the best every season, consistently; but from time to time someone delivers a little piece of magic which will last forever in our memories. This time it was Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid forward surprised football fans around the world with one of most unbelievable pieces of skill ever seen in this competition – it was a lot more than a simply amazing goal.



He wrote an historical page in his career, that will crown him and confirm once again that he is one of those players that have been able to be as good as football itself.


In truth, this kind of achievement crosses football’s borders and turns Ronaldo in one of the biggest idols in the history of Sport. If we start randomly asking people, who has seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s overhead kick goal, we would probably have more positive answers than if we asked them if they knew how many Ballon D’Or awards he has won. That illustrates the reach of these magical moments: not everyone loves football, but I am certain that every person in this world, loved to watch this goal.

CR/ Respect

Even Juventus’ fans at stadium praised Cristiano Ronaldo with a standing ovation, recognizing the brilliant moment they had just witnessed - this is surely one of the best feelings a player can live in an opponent’s field. Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly chasing this work of art for a long time and he has achieved it, as he has achieved all his other goals. I won’t start check listing all his achievements, because the greatest one is easy to explain. Cristiano Ronaldo’s unbelievable goal has granted him the right to be unforgettable and stay in the memory of every football fan forever, no matter what. In my selfish point of view, let me finish this piece of writing by thanking God, and Cristiano’s parents, that he was born Portuguese, for our delight. See you all soon, before the World Cup, for our preview of that incomparable tournament.

Article by Guest Writer:
Diogo Ambrioso

Footballaholic at SAK

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